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Professional Motorcycle Detailing and so Much More in Eldersburg, MD

A Closer Look at Our Premium Products

Nobody offers better products or application expertise than Chesapeake Automotive Storage and Detailing. Our team offers a comprehensive portfolio of products selected to protect your car, motorcycle, or RV from the elements. We also offer premium-quality ceramic coatings and matte finishes – available for most paint surfacing.

The experts at Chesapeake Automotive Storage and Detailing know that what you use to clean and detail your car and how you do it makes all the difference in the outcome. We’ve got confidence in our products and we know that when you partner with us, we’ll get your vehicle looking brand new in no time.

Product List

  • Griots Garage
  • Lake County
  • 3D
  • Detailed Image
  • Protecniq System X
  • Meguiars
  • Gtechniq
  • Chemical Guys
  • And More!