Premier Indoor Vehicle Storage in Sykesville, MD

Our secure & monitored facility spans an impressive 10,000 square feet, offering a meticulously controlled environment to preserve and protect your prized vehicle year-round.

Unrivaled Protection: Within our controlled environment, your automobile, motorcycle, or mini RV is safeguarded from both environmental factors and potential threats. Comprehensive security measures encompass physical, electronic, and human elements, also providing thorough protection.

Affordable Excellence: At Chesapeake Automotive Storage and Detailing, we recognize the significance of competitive pricing without compromising on security or quality. Our affordable rates ensure accessible luxury, providing peace of mind for discerning vehicle owners seeking superior protection.

Gateway to Adventure: Sykesville, MD, offers a picturesque backdrop for automotive enthusiasts, serving as the perfect launchpad for unforgettable journeys. Embrace the beauty of the region and embark on adventures with your vehicle, knowing it’s safely stored with us.

Comprehensive Care: Our dedicated team stands ready to address all your vehicle storage & detail needs. From safe keeping to meticulous cleaning and expert finish repair, trust Chesapeake Automotive Storage and Detailing for unmatched service.

Have Something Bigger? We also offer additional storage solutions for large RV’s and commercial vehicles.  Contact our team to learn more.

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