Paint Finish Services

Experts in Custom Automotive Detailing Across Ellicott City, MD

Enhancing Your Vehicle’s Color and Vibrancy

It’s a simple fact that most vehicles outlive their paint jobs. Over time, your car’s color may fade and become increasingly dull due to a large number of factors, including temperatures, sun exposure, debris and chemicals from the road, and many more.

If you love your ride but you can’t help but notice that the color isn’t quite what it used to be, the experts at Chesapeake Automotive Storage and Detailing are ready to provide superior paint finishing services that help your car achieve that brand new shine and luster. More specifically, we utilize premium paint enhancing techniques and products that maximize the paint depth, gloss, and clarity on the surface of your car, motorcycle, or RV.

Achieving Detailed Perfection

Professional detailing begins with real care and attention to detail. At Chesapeake Automotive Storage and Detailing, we begin the detailing and paint finish process with a professional hand wash that utilizes pH-balanced shampoo and wheel cleaner to ensure complete protection for the exterior surface. Next, our team will clay your vehicle’s exterior surfacing to remove surface contaminants and debris from the road. We will then tape the exterior trim to protect it from compound and polish staining. Then, our team will remove marks and swirls from the paint surfacing, and provide a finishing polish that enhances both the depth and the gloss of your paint’s vibrant color. Finally, we’ll carefully apply a premium-quality paint sealant to ensure future protection for your vehicle’s color.

Ceramic Coatings

The owners of Chesapeake Automotive Storage and Detailing are above all, automotive enthusiasts. And because of this, they are always looking for the best automotive care systems available for their valued customers. Offering these systems might seem easy enough. But offering systems that they can truly believe in and stand behind, not quite as simple. After vetting the Ceramic Coatings industry to find a system which would fulfill their stringent demands, the owners chose Protecniq’s System X, Ceramic Protection Products.

Made right here in the U.S.A, System X products carry a promise of quality and superior performance. System X products provide a super thick, durable layer of protection that is ultra-slick, ultra-hydrophobic and UV blocking, while creating paint gloss and depth like no other ceramic coating. Available in several different formulas to match individual application requirements, their technicians can assist customers to select a level of protection which is right for their automobile, motorcycle or boat.

Chesapeake Automotive Storage and Detailing technicians are factory trained and certified to install System X products on your vehicle. System X Ceramic Products are backed by an industry leading warranty.

If you are shopping for a ceramic coating for your vehicle, contact the crew at Chesapeake Automotive Storage and Detailing. They offer industry leading Protecniq System X products for both the exterior and interior of your automobile, motorcycle, boat and plane!